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Pre-Registration of Students

It is the responsibility of each building's secretarial staff  to register new and returning students to the school district following the appropriate Enrollment guidelines.   Building staff who receive registration paperwork for students who will begin school in the following school year will be considered pre-registered and receive a Current Status of 'P'.  Pre-registering is important for Special Education and scheduling planning purposes. 

Pre-Registration Important Notes
When pre-registering students, choose the grade that they will be in in the NEXT YEAR.
Pre-registration is only for students who will become active in the next year. 
If you receive registration paperwork for a child that will start in the current year, but some time in the future, they should be marked Active, with the appropriate entry date. 
All required fields listed below area  minimum for entering new pre-registered students. 
All students must have complete records by the start of the next school year. 
Student to be added during current school year. 

Critical & Required Data: 
  • Student ID (Auto-assigned)
  • Grade - (NEXT YEAR GRADE) 
    • If Kindergarten, choose K (Not KA or KP) 
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Home Language (01 is US English) 
  • ADDRESS Information
  • Student Phone
  • Contact Information
  • Building
  • Calendar (K or R) 
  • Entry Type - (P - Pre-Register) 

Follow normal registration procedures.  Follow the example below for the section under building registration. 

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