5. At-Risk Information

We have the ability to set several different AT-RISK Criteria, including number of Failures, Absences, Tardies, Discipline, and more. 

Currently we are focused only on Failure Reports for At-Risk information. 

Both the High School and Middle School are set up to place a student at-risk if they are failing one or more classes.  (Core classes only at Middle Level) 

The At-Risk Information is a searchable live database of students that are, or have been At-Risk. 

If you are frequently checking in on students on this list, you may want to add At-Risk Information, and IPR Summary as a favorite, so that you can navigate between the two easily. 

Setting up a Search
When you first open At-Risk Information, you see over 7,000 students, as it is not filtered by building, or for Active/Inactive status. 

The most basic search is displayed below.  We are filtering students based on Current Status, and Building Number.  You can use these criteria to search by grade-level, or any other criteria available in the pulldown menus. 

This is still a LOT of students to page through, so you should filter further.

Now we see a much more manageable list of currently At-Risk Students. 

Using At-Risk Information
This information is best viewed in eSchool, rather than a printed Report, as it is fully interactive. Clicking on the student name brings you to their Student Summary Page.  ()Schedule, Contacts, etc) 

Once you have selected the student, go to Student Center - Mark Reporting - IPR Summary to see the scores that were used to calculate At-Risk Status. 

Clicking on the Ar-Risk Factor (In this case, YES)  takes you to the At-Risk Detail.