Staff Weather Contact Information

It is the responsibility of each building's secretarial staff & central office secretarial staff to maintain and keep up to date the information that is synced to SchoolMessenger for school delay and closing notifications.  This information is pulled from the Staff District  Registration screen in eSchool nightly to update SchoolMessenger. 

Critical Data: 
  • Staff member must have one active & primary building. 
  • Staff Email must be entered and correct on Staff District.
  • District Defined Tab
    • Contact Phone (10 digits, no dashes) 
    • Staff Group (Pre-populated List)
    • Do Not Call checkbox (Optional: Omits from weather calls, allows emergency dialing)
Staff District Data Management

Click on the NAME of the employee to get to the Staff District screen
Clicking on the building number will take you to the Staff Building screen 

Staff District General Tab
Email Address from this field (red box) will be sent to SchoolMessenger.  
This must be the assigned email address and may NOT be changed. 

Staff District District-Defined Tab

Navigate to the District-Defined tab to change telephone number, staff group and Do Not Call information. 

Telephone number must be ten digits with no spaces, dashes or parentheses. 
Format: ##########
Staff Groups should have self-explanatory titles.